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#1: Unlock Your Potential with the Nike App
The Nike App is here to help you achieve your sport and style goals. With exclusive access to the latest Nike products, personalized recommendations, and seamless shopping experiences, you have everything you need to create your own look and be your authentic self.

#2: Never Miss a Drop with Push Notifications
With push notifications enabled, be the first to score the latest Air Max’s, Air Force 1's, and Jordans as soon as they drop. Celebrate Air Max Day with clothing, shoes, and athletic gear that will take your sport and style game to the next level. Be bold, fearless, and make your mark with the Nike App.

#3: Shopping Made Easy with the Nike App
Shop online and buy clothes through the Nike shopping app and enhance your retail experience. Iconic kicks or Member Product drops - check out the latest with Nike. Shopping app collections, elevated services, curated products, and Member Rewards - exclusively for you. Enjoy free standard shipping, 60-day wear tests, and receiptless returns when you purchase through the app.

#4: Services That Connect & Guide You
Chat one-on-one with an Expert for style tips or fit advice and join your Nike community wherever you are. Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers. Chat in real-time with our team of Nike Experts on all things sport, style, and Nike. Find events in your city and join your Nike community.

#5: Stories That Inspire & Inform You
Get the latest in-depth stories, training and style advice delivered daily. Discover new ways to wear your favorite Nike products. Shop and learn what gear empowers the top Nike athletes. Find out the moment new stories, styles, or events drop by turning on push notifications.


Q: How do I become a Nike Member?
A: Download the Nike App and sign up to become a member. Gain access to Nike App exclusive products, inspiration, and community.

Q: How can I track my activity and purchase history?
A: Easily track your activity, orders and purchase history through your Online Store Member Profile.

Q: Can I customize my Nike shoes?
A: Yes, with Nike by You, you can customize iconic Nike shoes with the colorways and materials that match your style.

User Reviews:

- Amanda Smith: "The Nike App is my go-to for all my athletic and fashion needs. The shopping experience is seamless and the push notifications ensure I never miss a drop. Highly recommend!"
- Juan Rodriguez: "As a sneakerhead, the Nike App is a game-changer for me. The Member Products and shoes reserved for me are a nice touch. Customer service is top-notch too!"
- Emily Wong: "I love the personalized recommendations and the ability to track my activity and purchase history. The Nike Experts chat feature is also super helpful for style tips and fit advice."
- Michael Johnson: "The Nike App is the ultimate resource for athlete training and coaching. The Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers is invaluable. Highly recommend!"
- James Brown: "The Stories feature is my favorite part of the Nike App. I love getting the latest in-depth stories, training and style advice delivered daily. The customized feed of content tailored to my interests is a nice touch."

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