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Discover Your Next Adventure with Eventbrite Mobile App

Looking for something to do this weekend? Eventbrite has got you covered! With our mobile app, you can discover popular local events and get personalized event recommendations that match your interests.

Here's what you can do with Eventbrite mobile:
1. Discover popular and recommended events around you with just a tap
2. Find upcoming events for this week and weekend and plan your outing ahead of time
3. See which events your friends are going to and join them for a fun time
4. Register for and get tickets to events easily and securely with your debit or credit card
5. Store your card information for fast and easy purchasing
6. View event details, including maps and directions, so you never get lost
7. Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook for quick access
8. Share events with your friends on social media
9. Get into events with just your phone - no paper tickets required!

1. Download the Eventbrite mobile app from the App Store
2. Create an account or sign in with your existing Eventbrite account
3. Choose your interests and Eventbrite will recommend events just for you
4. Browse through popular events or search for events by location, date, or category
5. Register for events and purchase tickets with just a few clicks
6. Add your tickets to Passbook for easy access
7. Get directions to the event and have a great time!

Q: Is Eventbrite available in other languages?
A: Yes, you can use Eventbrite in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.

Q: Is my personal information secure?
A: Yes, Eventbrite takes the security of your personal information seriously. Please review our Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice for more information.

User Reviews:
- John Doe: "Eventbrite is my go-to app for finding new events and getting tickets. It's so easy to use and helps me discover cool events that match my interests."
- Jane Smith: "I love how I can see which events my friends are going to and join them. Eventbrite makes it easy to plan a fun outing with friends."
- Kim Nguyen: "I used Eventbrite to get tickets for a concert and it was so easy and convenient. I didn't have to worry about printing out tickets or losing them - I just showed my phone at the door."

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